Friday, March 29, 2013

Massacre of the innocents

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Dolphins found in the shallow seas off the Kalpitiya coast has made the area a mega tourist attraction

“The killing of 100 dolphins in this area via the use of illegal Laila nets has raised much concern locally and internationally.

Unfortunately, fishermen continue to use them,”said Roy Fernando, the secretary to the Tourist Affairs Association in Kalpitiya.�He said foreign tourists spend around Rs.10, 000 per ride to the dolphin paradise -10 km off the Kandakuliya coast in Kalpitiya.

He added the Wild Life Department charged Rs. 1,200 from foreign tourists and Rs.20 from locals.�“Area residents are against the killing of dolphins as they have an affection towards the mammals and not simply because they see them as a means of income,”he said.

Numbers of friendly Dolphins frolic around a boat carrying tourists

D.H.P. Peramunagama, a director at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is an avid dolphin watcher. “It brings immense joy to see friendly dolphins that eagerly respond to humans and are so playful around us. It is barbaric to kill them. They pose no harm to humans,” he said.
A pod of dolphins racing behind a boat Roy Priyantha: Roy Priyantha said area residents were totally against the slaughter of these delightful and friendly mammals
A Laila net: Our cameraman caught these fishermen using the killer Laila net with an unfortunate dolphin trapped in it

D.H.P. Peramunagama, Director at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is an avid dolphin watcher



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